Protests will return in good time

Hammers United

The following article was posted before the suspension of Premier League Football. Hammers United will pick up from where we left off when the time is right to do so.


Following the phenomenal turnout on February 29, the committee would like to outline plans for further protests. There will be some details that must be kept close to our chest, but we can assure our members that a great deal of work is being done in the background.

The black balloon protest will now be held at every away game, before kick-off.

There will be action at all remaining home games and we have a specific plan for each game. There are a number of objectives we are looking to achieve. We will share the details, where possible, in the build up to each protest. There will be some details, for some protests, that cannot be shared as they would compromise the impact.

The next mass protest will be at the home game v Burnley. Please put April 18 in your diary. We mobilised 8,500 people on Feb 29 and we believe we can top that on April 18.

Thank you.

Hammers United Committee.