Season Ticket Waiting List Enquiry

Hammers United has sent a letter via email to West Ham today regarding the Season Ticket Waiting List.

A copy was also sent to the Football Supporters Association who are supporting us in this campaign.

Jake Heath,
Supporter Services Manager,
London Stadium,
London E20 2ST.

August 29th 2019

Dear Jake,


We write at the request of our members regarding the challenges and confusion experienced by them regarding West Ham’s Season Ticket Waiting List.

As you will be aware, the list is currently advertised as “the only way to secure a season ticket”, a statement we believe is at best misleading and could yet be construed as false advertising by the advertising standards agency, (whom we have not engaged at this point) as it appears to be in breach of the advertising codes.

By way of example, literature produced and circulated by the club, prior to the start of the 2019-20 season, makes clear references to the fact that season tickets could, be acquired by supporters who were not on the list.

Furthermore, existing season ticket holders have regularly been offered extra season tickets and those on the waiting list can now purchase more than one season ticket (effectively meaning they can enable friends and family to bypass supporters already in the queue).

This does not seem a fair, let alone a proper process, raising questions as to whether the club’s intention here is to best serve its loyal fanbase, or create additional revenue with its confusing claim, seemingly duping its supporters in the process.

As such, a number of our members believe that the list is neither advertised fairly, is fair in itself, or is in fact fit for purpose and request that you, in your capacity as supporter liaison officer, co-ordinate a meeting with the club and Hammers United to discuss this matter on their behalf.

We have a number of demonstrable examples which we would like to review with you in an effort to restore the credibility of the club on this issue with our members, and work with the club to create an improved system for the benefit of all West Ham fans.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Lee Rogers

Joint Secretary, Hammers United.