Protest Update

Sullivan Gold Brady - Time to Listen

Ok guys, this is an update about the demo.

It is definitely on next Saturday before the Everton game Saturday 18th January. It is a 13.00 hrs start for approx one hour.

Location will be by one of the bridges before the security checks as you enter the stadium (the exact bridge will be confirmed in the next few days) less than 2 minutes walk to the stadium for those going to the game. (We want you to go in and get behind David Moyes and the players 150% after the meeting).

It has been agreed by the operational director of LS186 (as its on their land) and the police .. it CANNOT be stopped by WHUFC.

It is a static demo against the board but more prominently highlighting the failings of their own 10 point plan implemented 10 years ago and of which we are now in exactly the same position we were in then only now we are homeless with no assets, and the fact that all 10 of their own points they have failed on !!!

We’re not next level, no further ahead, nothing, and they need to be held accountable.

We want it well behaved, not jumping up and down lobbing beer about singing sack the board, a structured and constructive demonstration. We need the club to know we are serious and to force them to take us seriously and listen.

We need a big turn out and let them know how we all feel about our club. Try to get some of our loyal old guard supporters back who are slowly turning their back on the club because of disillusionment. Many after 50 years or more of dedicated support home and away.

There’s room for the new breed, but we also demand that they stop persecuting the old guard too. Room for us !

Make sure you share this with everyone you know. We need it out there. We need a massive well behaved show of force.

Come on guys, we have one chance at this !

Please share it on every media platform you can !
COYI ⚒⚒⚒

Paul (Bubbles)