Protest on Saturday

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West Ham fans and fans groups will come together this Saturday under the collective banner; ‘West Ham United For Change’.

The existing owners must now completely change their relationship with our supporters and deliver on all 10 pledges they published 10 years ago, or put the club up for sale to allow someone who will deliver to step in.

We understand some supporters are satisfied with the work of our current owners, and the board in general, and we respect your opinion. Those who are not satisfied are encouraged join us on Saturday to be part of a collective voicing that dissatisfaction and paving the way for change.

Our protest takes place from 1pm to 2pm, near the Aquatic Centre as you cross Bridge 5.

Full details can be found on our website:

After the protest we support our team for the full 90 mins and roar them on to a much needed victory.

See you on Saturday.

Hammers United

West Ham United For Change