Protest Location Details

Sullivan Gold Brady - Time to Listen

Hammers United are pleased to be able to confirm the location for the static protest taking place on Saturday 18th January between 1pm and 2pm. Speakers will be confirmed on Wednesday.

We are expecting a considerable turn out and there will be press coverage. It is imperative that those who attend the protest are well behaved. It is, of course, a protest and so there will be singing, shouting and hollering but it must be kept within the law.

We urge all those who go in to the stadium after the protest to give the players and management their full backing for 90 mins, it is vital they understand that we are completely behind them.

For more information on what Hammers United have set out to achieve through this protest, please see our open letter to the board on our website. This will be handed to the club at the end of the protest.

The protest will take place before the security checks as we have members attending who wish to bring banners or who may not wish to attend the game itself.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday

Hammers United Committee



1. A static demonstration location has been agreed by LLDC and The Metropolitan Police.
2. The demonstration is to take place from 13:00 – 14:00.
3. The proposed demonstration location is to the South of the London Aquatics Centre marked as ‘A’ on the above plan. The location will not encroach on the public route to Bridge 5. There will be a barriered area for the demonstration and will remain on the hard surface not on the grass. There will access points in the barriers to allow flow in and out.
4. At 14:00 demonstrators will be dispersed by the organisers and the barriers will be dismantled by LS185 contractors. Banners may be used but must not be offensive. Chants must not be offensive. No protest banners will be allowed into the stadium – if they appear they will be removed and the owner subjected to potential ejection under the ground regulations.

A pdf of the map is available to download here.