Meeting with supporter representatives

West Ham's Refusal to Engage Supporters Groups

Hammers United can confirm that we have received a written invite to attend the meeting with ‘West Ham United Chairmen’.

Our position is clear.

The club chose to decline our invitations to meet. They have demonstrated a continued reluctance to engage outside of their unpopular and undemocratic OSB construct, despite advice to the contrary from the Football Supporter Association.

There appears to be little coincidence that this latest unacceptable and conditional offer from the club has been publicised and that the proposed meeting is set to take place a few days before our protest on Saturday 29 February.

The message from Hammers United has always been, and will continue to be, clear and well publicised. We asked that the club come and talk to us; the group that now represents over 10,000 of their fans, in a room, with the FSA. This offer has been refused time and time again.

Our current position is very clearly explained in a statement on our website and we will not be attending the proposed meeting on 25 February.