Meeting of F.S.A. Premier League Network

A brief report from the meeting of FSA Premier League network held on October 17th.

Our Joint Secretary and Chairman represented Hammers United as we are now fully affiliated to the FSA. It is such a change to deal with people that for once are on the side of the supporters.

The FSA lobbies on supporters’ behalf and on occasions can make a difference, as in when FA Cup final ticket allocations were increased.

There was discussion on many topics but the ones most pertinent to our members were as below:

There were concerns that decisions were not being conveyed clearly to fans within stadiums contrary to Premier League commitments.

Kick off times.
The Premier League had missed the last announcement by six days with obvious consequences for travelling supporters. The FSA was campaigning for introduction of flexible rail tickets, for the match not the date.

General Election.
The FSA would lobby all political parties with it’s fan manifesto including more redistribution of football wealth to lower leagues, safe standing,flexible rail tickets, governance on clubs in crisis and diversity issues.

European Super League.
The FSA expected to be part of any consultation and would oppose.

FA Cup.
The FSA would be meeting the FA and would be lobbying for reduced semi-final and final prices and increased allocation. They had been successful in both in the past. Travel problems with Friday night Kick-Offs were also discussed. Also that 5th round ties were to be played midweek.

West Ham’s proposed monetisation of fan engagement was noted with concern and the FSA seeking more information. Tross will be reporting separately on Socios and we will post on our website and facebook page accordingly.

FSA would be campaigning rigourously to prevent ‘another Bury’.

Anyone seeking a more detailed report please email us on or use the contact form on our website.

We are doing our best to improve things for West ham supporters. Please check out our website