Meeting Minutes: Saturday June 8th

Minutes of Hammers United Committee Meeting held at St.Georges Hotel, St Pauls on Saturday June 8th.

Committee Members Present
P Colborne (Joint Secretary), L Rogers (Joint Secretary), P Stringfellow (Chairman), A Payne, S Bowman, S Cross.

S Patel and A Stringfellow (Observers).

The Chairman opened the meeting at 13.00 hrs sharp.

Received from G Marling and M Telling.

Letter challenging West Ham
The Chairman drew attention to draft letter giving back ground. The secretary supported.

This led to full and frank debate and the Committee endorsed unanimously, noting that an invitation had been sent to WHUISA inviting them to support.

Agreed the letter be sent at 11.00 hrs on Monday June 10th. If no response from WHUISA then Hammers United would go it alone. The matter was too important to delay .

Hammers United Party
The Chairman and Secretary reported Doc H Ball’s idea that we arrange a party as part of our efforts to mend the divisions within the fan base. This was endorsed unanimously.
Recording of Membership. Agreed to maintain the status quo for the time being.

The Secretary reminded the committee that Hammers United would be introducing a member’s helpline and that Doc H Ball was drawing up guidelines to assist our members. P Stringfellow would manage. Endorsed.
Distance of seats from pitch. The Secretary drew attention to West Ham’s proposal at the O.S.B. with ‘no guarantees about timing at this stage.’ Agreed Hammers United Committee must step up efforts to engage with architect(s). Also to investigate progress (if any) made last year.

The Secretary drew attention to the big improvement. Noted with thanks to G Marling and A Stringfellow. The Secretary then reported offer of help from Gary P. Agreed to thank Gary for his offer which we might take up in the future. S Bowman explained the benefits of creating a new improved website. This was noted.

The Secretary reminded the committee of policy whereby we had 2 for each job and it was not fair to expect S Bowman to be sole administrator. P Stringfellow offered to assist. Endorsed with thanks.

The Secretary reminded the committee that M Telling was drawing up recruitment document and started debate. S Cross made suggestions and all committee members contributed. It was decided to hold a Zoom conference later in the week to continue debate.

It was agreed a members meeting be arranged as soon as possible to ratify constitution.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 16.10 thanking all for attending. He placed on record the committee’s thanks to S Cross for arranging venue.