Meeting Minutes: Saturday February 1st 2020

Minutes of Hammers United committee meeting held at Holiday Inn Stratford on Saturday February 1st 2020.


Stephen Cross and Lee Rogers(Joint Secretaries)

P Colborne(Chairman)

A Byrne, A McConnell, M Telling, T Twohig.

G Marling was present as a guest.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 11.45 am.


Received from J Cowley, A Jacks, D Leppine, S Patel.

1  Committee Members

The chairman reminded the committee that G Marling, A Payne and P Stringfellow had all resigned due to work commitments.He was pleased to report that all still assisted whenever they could. G Redknapp had tragically passed away.

He then sought endorsement of new committee members as follows:

J Cowley. Moved L Rogers,seconded A Byrne,carried unanimously.
A Jacks. Moved P Colborne,seconded L Rogers,carried unanimously.
A McConnell. Moved A Byrne,seconded L Rogers,carried unanimously.
T Twohig. Moved A Byrne,seconded S Cross,carried unanimously.


The Chairman explained that legal and constitutional advice had been obtained and that the AGM could be put back to the end of the season.In light of current protests and ongoing campaigns (with obvious time constraints.A McConnell moved this be arranged.This was seconded by S Cross,carried unanimously.The Secretaries would progress accordingly.

3 Fundraising

The Joint secretaries explained the need to raise funds.At present we were effectively running campaigns with our hands tied behind our backs.-There was only so much the committee members could pay for out of their own pockets. After full and frank debate it was moved by P Colborne that the secretaries progress the setting up of a Hammers United Go Fund Me facility.Joint signatories to be D Leppine and P Colborne.This was seconded by L Rogers and carried unanimously.

The secretaries would also explore other avenues and report back.

4. Sub Committees


Agreed P Colborne lead, assisted by J Cowley.

b.Other projects.

1.A McConnell and T Twohig.

2.Andy Byrne.

All present agreed the need to explore links with ex players.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at