Liverpool away – show of strength

Black Balloon Liverpool

We are West Ham’s Claret and Blue army. Black Balloons and Banners at Anfield February 24th 2020.

There is so much frustration, tension and anger in the West Ham fan base at the moment, and rightly so.

There are so many opinions on how best to get our message out to the world, to display our dissatisfaction with the club’s owners, and also to get the West Ham fans behind us who so far have remained apathetic.
We have to get these people behind us if we are going to succeed.

Taking these factors into consideration we propose that we make a momentous show of strength at the Liverpool away match. It is on Sky and all the world will be watching.

We suggest the teams come out to a sea of black balloons at the West Ham end.

Then our fans need to display banners, hundreds of them, more banners than in the Kop. We need a chant to show we are backing the team, not the board. We think the chant should be the one that those of us lucky enough to have been at Villa Park on that fateful day will never forget.


Keep the chant going on and on and when the cameras focus in, the whole world will see the messages on our banners. We understand the huge frustrations and anger amongst our fans but please remember that banners cannot be abusive to individuals. Let us maintain the high moral ground.

We, the supporters, are the true owners at West Ham United, and we want our club back. We are making our point very clearly and at the same time we cheer our team on to the bitter end as the chant continues, on and on.

Our committee have bounced this around with our friends across the fanbase. Whatever we, or anyone else suggests will not please everyone.

There are those that say we must negotiate, not protest. Many including our Committee feel we should not disrupt the team. Others want total disruption.

Whatever we come up with we need something that will satisfy most and get massive support. We must be unified and we think our suggestion for Liverpool away is a good one. Whatever your feelings WE NEED YOUR BACKING.

Through our contacts with the FSA, we have checked with Liverpool FC and banners will be allowed into the Stadium. Thanks to the FSA for their considerable help.

Please remember that banners must not be sexist or abusive and should comply with fire regulations.

Lets show the world what West Ham fans are about.

Thanks.Hammers United Committee.