Hammers United Statement

GSB Out Protest 29 Feb

Dear Members,

Hammers United were formed, in March 2019, to improve things for all West Ham United supporters.

The past year has been an incredible journey which has seen us gain FSA affiliated status, deal with UEFA and Parliament as well as grow to almost 10,000 members at the time of writing.

We have held firm, for the past 11 months, in our belief that improvements begin with dialogue.

We have lobbied tirelessly for change, continuously diverted by the club to the unelected and much criticised Official Supporters Board.

A glimmer of hope appeared in December 2019, when we were invited to meet with the supporter liaison officer for the club.  To our disappointment, having waited some time to hear back from the club, we were informed in January that there would be no second meeting.

We organised a static and peaceful gathering, under the banner of ‘West Ham United for Change’ which took place before the Everton match on the 18th of January.  Fans and groups came together under this banner to voice their frustration and discontent with the current ownership and to raise the profile of the drive for change.

Momentum gathered, and we continued to push for the dialogue we had always sought.

Despite encouraging signs with one of our Co-Chairman, and suggestions of frank and open dialogue, the club once more refused to meet without its unelected representatives.

A second protest is now planned, for the 29th of February.

In the 40 day build up to that protest date, our intention remained to build bridges.

With great disappointment, we find ourselves in a dire situation.

Not only have the club dismissed our suggestions of ways to mend the relationship, but they have actively taken steps which have seen the fragile trust built destroyed.

Unprecedented demands for an apology from Sky TV, denying press access to well respected journalists who have spoken out against them, Co-Chairman endorsing social media posts that fans are morons and suggesting that Hammers United put up a bond if fans want more away tickets for Liverpool.

As if this wasn’t enough, one of our own, Cameron Robson, was given a season long ban for no more than wearing a T-Shirt, whilst waving a club flag.

Over two years ago, with tensions running high, our own Chairman Paul Colborne selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice such was his frustration at the way our football club is run, placing a flag in the centre circle at the now infamous Burnley game.

Despite concerted efforts, we now recognise that we are once more at an impasse, as the olive branch extended by Hammers United has now been rejected at the highest levels in the club.

Accordingly, it is now the belief of this committee that we have exhausted that approach, and given the demonstrated position of the clubs management team and it’s owners, that the simple requests made by our members almost a year ago can only be delivered through a change in regime.

We will therefore shortly be balloting our members to ask if you share the committees view and recognise that a different and more direct course of action is required, with a united campaign centred on delivering new leadership and ownership.

We remain proud and privileged to serve you, our members.

We are Hammers United.

We are West Ham United For Change.