Hammers United letter to West Ham About Away Fans Ban

West Ham's Away Fans

Hammers United have sent a letter to West ham United requesting clarity of the recent bans to away season ticket holders.

Jake Heath,
Supporters Services Manager,
West Ham United,
London Stadium,
London E20 2ST.

October 18th 2019.

Banning of Away Ticket Holders

We write on behalf of our members to seek clarity on the recent bans administered by the club to several away season ticket holders.

The selling on of tickets has always gone on. Surely the club must realise that there are occasions when supporters go to weddings, go on holiday, suffer family bereavements. What if someone falls ill on the night before the match? Of course on these occasions the tickets are passed on to friends or family. What would the club have these supporters do throw the tickets away leaving an empty seat which could have been taken up by another West Ham supporter?

Without a facility in place to return tickets for resale, we would like to understand what the club suggests that those of its loyal and well-travelled away support, who may legitimately for any number of reasons find themselves unable to attend an away game do?

Given the much discussed failings of the current away ticketing system and the recent forum meeting held (which you will recall Hammers United requested be deferred to accommodate our attendance which was refused) we again request that the club meet members of our elected committee who represent the views of over five thousand West Ham supporters.

The failings of the current system are many, and yet it appears that any abuse of the system for purposes of profiteering remain unaddressed, with an abstention of any action regarding corporate and club staff tickets, with no visibility into any investigation taken by the club in that regard.

We again draw your attention to the clubs continued refusal to meet with us to discuss this and several other pressing matters that have been raised to you by Hammers United on behalf of its members (who lest we forget are also your fans) and urge you to change your position and meet with us at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely.

Lee Rogers.

Joint Secretary, Hammers United.