Hammers United launch Stewarding Advice Initiative

Stewarding Advice & Help

Hammers United are please to announce we have launched Stewarding Advice Initiative.

The likelihood of you needing this advice is low. However, we thought it would be helpful to compile some helpful hints in the event you are involved in an incident with stewards either at the London Stadium or at an away game.

In the event you are, it’s important you remain calm and polite at all times. Shouting and swearing will not help your cause nor is it going to persuade a steward to change their minds. Fold your arms or keep them by your sides or behind your back so a steward cannot accuse you of being physically threatening.

You are obliged to respond to the reasonable requests of a match day steward and, like it or not, they do have power over you and can use reasonable force when required.  Our full advice guide, and a help form, should you need our advice can be found here.