Goodbye and God Bless Dennis Lepine: Tributes to a Great Friend From His West Ham Family.

Dennis Lepine with Declan Rice

Tributes to a great friend from his West Ham family.

“A very sad and emotional day today as we say goodbye to Dennis Lepine.

A friend of over 40 years, who didn’t have a bad word to say about anyone and who had time for everyone.

You will be sorely missed. If there were more people like him around, the world would be a far better place.

Our thoughts are with Jacqueline Lepine, Penny, Billy and the rest of his family as he goes on his final journey. RIP Dennis. Keep those bubbles flying high up there.”

Fine words, from Tony Ealham.



On Tuesday 23 June, Dennis’s family were joined by his extended family, the West Ham family.

Around 2000 stood respectfully outside his house as he started his final journey. Many more lined the route, with more still waiting outside the crematorium to pay their respects. This was an extraordinary turnout for a special, wonderful man.

There were West Ham fans there who have not been seen for years. There were friends from Ireland, South Wales, North Wales, Preston, Nottingham, Telford, Southampton, Hinkley and Darlington.

Dennis leaves us all with many happy memories and a reminder that there is still good in the world. He also leaves us the lasting legacy of the Hornchurch Coach.



Dennis’ great friend Bill Gardner adds some final words; “I met Dennis when he was 13 years old (45 years ago) and even then, I could see and hear the passion he felt for our club. Over the years we became great friends, we shared a room on away trips all over Europe.

On one of our best trips we stayed in Davos in Switzerland. We played water polo: Dennis, Chas and me. The ‘dream team’! We shared so many laughs together. We had so much fun in 10 years of running the Hornchurch Coach and Dennis made our coach the one all fans wanted to be on. If you made coach 1 you were at the ‘top table’!

I shared my hard times and good times with Dennis; laughter and tears hit me in equal amounts, Dennis stood by me and helped me when I was down.

I will never forget him, he was the brother I never had, one day I hope we meet again.

I know that whenever West Ham play Dennis will be looking down, cheering us on.

We will never see another Dennis again. I miss him today, I will miss him tomorrow, I will miss him every day.”

Dennis Lepine


Goodbye and God bless you Dennis Lepine and thank you for all you did for us.