A reply letter from West Ham United’s Jake Heath to Hammers United

The latest reply from Jake Heath at West Ham received on 15 May.

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American Hammers TV host an interview with Paul ‘Bubbles’ Colborne

Paul’s indepth video interview with American Hammers TV.

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Hammers fans ‘sick to death’ of ‘heavy-handed stewarding’ at home games

A West Ham United supporters group has slammed stewarding at the club’s London Stadium ground.

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The Rogers Family – 100 Years Of Watching The Hammers

A post by Lee Rogers.

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Time to Engage

For decades, football had remained a sport with a pre-dominantly local, restricted audience, governed by the number of people who could enter the stadium.

It was the national game of the working man, where on a Saturday afternoon a few coins at a turnstile afforded a few hours escapism from the dreary everyday, and a subliminal flirt with tribalism supporting your local team against a rival.

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