A step in the wrong direction?

West Ham United have today published additional details showing how the Lower Tiers of the London Stadium, at either end of the pitch, will be reconfigured.

This has led to confusion among some supporters with questions arising over price banding, apparent relocation to a seat further away from the action and the division of family members who had previously purchased seats together.

The information released from the club is non-commital as far as pricing, relocation and groupings are concerned. It is also unclear, from the diagrams released at this point, whether the gap between the Upper and Lower Tiers will increase (therefore dissipating any atmosphere that might be created across the two) and how many of the seats in the new configuration will be covered by the roof.

Hammers United welcomes the notion of the club improving the experience for it’s supporters, but is keen to seek clarification on points raised by you if there are common areas of concern across our membership and the wider fanbase.

Please use the ‘contact’ section of our website http://hammersunited.com/contact/ to let us know if you have questions or concerns following the announcement today.

The club report that they have “worked with fans” to bring about changes in the structure of the Lower Tier seating behind the goals. This work and the subsequent details released today have been labelled, by Karren Brady, as “another great step for improving the supporter experience at the London Stadium”.

Brady goes on to add that “the vast majority of fans in these stands will move closer to the pitch”. The club statement expands on this, explaining that, “not every seating position will remain entirely like-for-like, although most will move closer to the action”.

Friends and family are also mentioned, with the club insisting that “every effort has gone into keeping those groups together”.

Season Ticket holders will receive details of their proposed seat move and are invited to contact the club should they wish to discuss an alternative.