A letter to West Ham United’s Jake Heath from Hammers United​

Following the poll amongst Hammers United members regarding O.S.B representation which resulted in a resounding NO! Hammers United sent the following letter to Club representative Jake Heath, dated 24th May.

Dear Jake,
Thank you for your Email of May 15th.

We are well aware of the existence of the Official Supporters Board. However, the vast majority of West Ham Supporters see this as not representative of the fans. Our members share this view.
The O.S.B.is not a democratically elected body. It is but an illusion and, in effect, a subordinate of the Club.

When the club recently announced season ticket price increases these apparently had not even been discussed with the O.S.B.!  More recently the Club announced it’s new partnership with Socios. It would seem that once again the O.S.B. was not consulted on this very important matter to West Ham supporters, or worse still they agreed to it.

As a democratic body ourselves we balloted our members on whether we should seek representation on the O.S.B..

Our members vote was a resounding ‘NO’.

We therefore thank you for pointing out that application can be made for a position on the O.S.B. but will not be seeking representation. Please explain our position to the Board and stress that it is them we wish to speak to on matters of concern raised by their supporters.

Hopefully The Board will agree to meet us but they must understand that until they do so we have a duty to our members to both lobby them to reconsider and to get the answers and improvements our members seek.

We thank you for pointing out that any individual supporter enquiries can be made by supporters to you personally and will report that back to our members.

Thank You.

Best Regards.

Lee Rogers (Joint Secretary)