Update to Our Away Fans Enquiry

West Ham's Away Fans

Further to our letter sent to West Ham United regarding the away fans in the home areas of the London Stadium, we received an a reply stating that Jake Heath was reviewing our enquiry.

As we have not received a further reply, the committee decided to contact him again to see if he is any further forward.

Jake Heath,
Supporter Services Manager,
London Stadium,
London E20 2ST.
September 11th 2019.

Dear Jake,

Manchester City Supporters in Home sections.

Just to remind you of our Email dated August 23rd and your reply that you were reviewing our enquiry and that you would come back to us as soon as possible.

In the absence of a further reply Jake we ask if you have made any progress so that assurances can be made to our members, and indeed to all West Ham supporters, that the club is taking the necessary steps to avoid a recurrence. There were also reports of Norwich City supporters(in colours)in the West Ham sections at the next match.

There is a real concern amongst some of our members that on another day this could lead to trouble and that supporters including children could be put at risk.The next home match is against Manchester United and there is of course history of trouble between elements of the two fanbases.

Looking forward to a positive reply,

Lee Rogers.(Joint Secretary,Hammers United).

Copy sent to Football Supporters Association,Premier League and London Stadium.




Having received a reply from West Ham Re; Away supporters with very little content, we decided to write to them again.

Dear Jake,
Thank you for your belated reply which I read with interest.
Our members are of course familiar with the terms and conditions of ticket purchase and the London Stadium Ground Regulations.

The challenge that is presenting itself with increasing regularity is the wholly unacceptable level of inaction being demonstrated by the safety and security teams, who are of course supposed to be working on behalf of the club and its supporters when issues of away fans in the home end are presented, creating what we will refer to moving forward as an identified risk.

Given that the stadium has an advanced CCTV monitoring system in place, as well as stewards on stairwells and at access points throughout the stadium, we are flabbergasted that this issue persists.

That you have highlighted the Club and the London Stadium Safety and Security team are fully aware of the process, I’m afraid offers very little assurance or comfort at all as we approach our next home fixture against Manchester United, a fixture you will be well aware has had more than its fair share of trouble over the years.

On behalf of our members, we would ask for the following steps to be taken: –

  • A review to be undertaken of the current processes to conclude if they remain fit for purpose given their current failings.
  • An additional training session addressing the levels of understanding of the existing processes with those persons and the entities they represent prior to the home fixture against Manchester United, with all parties signing an undertaking that they have understood them.
  • Collateral is distributed to visiting clubs’ supporters groups advising of the processes in place, the personal risks to welfare and the potential for being ejected for attempting to sit in the home ends.

Our members believe that the Club and the London Stadium Safety and Security team have a moral obligation to ensure West Ham fans can enjoy their home game experience unabated, ensuring that circumstances that are manageable and within their control are dealt with accordingly.

We also remind you of the legal obligation of both the Club and its agents regarding the safety of both West Ham and any offending away supporters’ safety, which we urge is given the appropriate level of consideration and attention to provide some substance to your assurances.


Lee Rogers


Updated 29th of September 2019