2020 London Stadium Survey Results

Hammers United are not surprised at the damning results of the 2020 London Stadium survey.

Karen Brady said there were just a few ‘malcontents’who were unhappy. Some of the club’s  friends in the press suggested ‘it was just a couple of hundred old men.’But this independent survey confirms the true feelings of the West Ham supporters .

It is also interesting to note that only 23% of those completing the survey were over 55.It is not just ‘the old school’ that are unhappy .

 Only 15% believe the stadium move was a good idea.

Only 7% believe the stadium feels like our proper home.

Only 3% feel that West Ham can become a top 6 club in the next 5 years.

Remember the West Ham Board’s own 10 point plan.-’Arguably the most important of all is our commitment to listen to what you have to say.We know we are just the custodians of the club.You who follow us every week,whether near or far,are the true owners.Whether talking to you online or in print,or face to face at fan forums,we will be open ,transparent and available.’……Well GSB the survey resulted in only 5% believing that the club valued them as a supporter and listened to their concerns.

And only 5% believe the Board are doing a good job!!!

Baroness Brady spoke of ‘a magnificent new home’,’the most successful stadium migration in history’and ‘a world class team for a world class stadium.’ Who is she kidding!

She likes to think she is the ‘first lady of football.’

Compare her record to that of Susan Whelan,Chief Executive at Leicester City who has made a point of honouring the club’s traditions and heritage,has brought success and is loved and respected by the supporters. Baroness Brady in contrast has shown little or no respect for our history and traditions,has brought failure on the playing field,a botched and hugely unpopular stadium move and is hated by large sections of the West Ham support.

She should now take the honourable course of action and offer her immediate resignation.

David Sullivan and David Gold have also failed at West Ham.Not only have they failed  but their time in charge has seen many thousands of time served West Ham supporters walk away from the club.-The club many have loved and  followed for decades following their parents and grandparents before them.

Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan  should name their price and actively seek to sell the club as soon as possible.They are killing our club and need to go whilst there is some semblance of West Ham United left for new owners to build on.

Please join us as we strive to make things better for West Ham supporters.

Hammers United Committee.